Thursday, July 05, 2007

This is the Seraphim Shawl I made this for my Mom for Christmas. I used JaggerSpun Zephyr DK and I believe the color is plum. I don't remember which needles I used, It might be the recommended needles the pattern called for.
I would do this shawl again, but next time in laceweight.
I have seven rows left of the Mystery Stole 3 - I hope to have this finished today so that I am ready for clue 2 when released tomorrow.


Sue_hp said...

Hi Carol - I linked to you from the football kal (called by the word "lacy") - and surprised to see right there your beautiful Seraphim shawl - which I also knit for MY mother! I'm also plugging away on MS3 and looking forward to joining the football gang!

I knit the Seraphim in lace; it was kinda small, but so is my mom. ;-) Very nice knitting!

Carol in NJ said...

Thank you Sue for being my first poster!

I enjoyed working on the Seraphim and right now I am having a Dickens of a time with the Mystery Stole 3. I am on the first row of clue three.

I do have a picture of clue one that I can upload.

I looked at your blog, and your MS3 looks very nice!

Cathy said...

Very pretty shawl! I found your blog from ravelry...if I remember correctly where...the spring shawl surprise group. Have been trying unsuccessfully to work on two lace KALs at the same time, and unfortunately, the easier knit, the sos ii, is winning. Haven't given up yet! Best of luck in your KALs! :) Cathy (ladysslipper on ravelry)